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Spiritual Protection for the People of Israel

We are walking light beings,  The Amazing You 2020 Review but our illuminating light and energy are kept hidden. We hide from ourselves, pretending to be weak and frail, complaining about our aches and pain. We have forgotten we are magicians who carry magical wands. These wands are our thoughts. We create our lives based on the ideas we create and hold within our inner space.

We have collectively built a world of limitations, imposing upon ourselves a false version of who we are. We're aliens, our true selves unknown. We are a star child but do not see. We look into the heavens with reverence and awe but refuse to recognize our glory.

Phone: 8956231470
E-Mail: LylaZarella@gmail.com
Web Site: https://fitherd.com/the-amazing-you-2020-review/