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Tier 2 keto  A large number of men who have this anatomic abnormality will have it in both testes.Testicular torsion is characterized by excruciating one-sided testicular pain accompanied by sudden swelling. Because the structure of the spermatic cord is twisted, the testicles are lifted up causing pain such as being drawn. Patients can experience nausea and vomiting. In addition, if the patient has a history of previous testicular disease, the patient may experience abdominal pain. Torsion testis is seen most often in the 12-18 years age group, and most cases occur in men under the age of 30 years. However, do not rule out the possibility of torsion testis can occur at any age, including newborns.Sudden swelling of the testicles and testicular pain must be evaluated. http://www.gogreenphotography3.com/reviews/

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