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Ground Navigator Imaging gold detector

Grand Navigator is a gold detector for the exploration of gold and treasures supplied with the latest 3D imaging techniques

Ground Navigator is the most modern three-dimensional ground scanner and the sophisticated metal detector which is developed by OKM detectors the great German company which is featured in the field of monuments detection and buried treasures. It is characterized by high accuracy in detecting underground spaces, enabling you to easily locate archaeological sites.

The device allows you to chapter three-dimensional images of the targets underground, and the device has a high sensitivity to the frequencies of metal buried underground, which makes it distinguish the different types of metal accurately and tells you if it is gold or silver or otherwise.

The treasures detector Ground Navigator is accredited by the world’s largest exploration delegation and it is a holder of many of the international quality certificates, specializing in the exploration of the golden treasures, archaeological tombs, and precious metals

The German gold detector Ground Navigator is characterized by an underground research depth up to 40 meters, which is the maximum depth possible to reach the real results with the device is confirmed by OKM factory guarantee and it is also guaranteed by the Gold Master global company for five years and We provide a practical field experience on the device so you can test drive it before buying.

Website: https://www.golddetectordubai.com/detectors/ground-navigator/
Video: https://youtu.be/NBdgRvX0L2g
Contact us at: info@gold-master.com / +971 503010577 / +971 503010775
Name: Gold Master General Trading
Phone: 503010577
E-Mail: goldmaster.en@gmail.com
Web Site: https://www.golddetectordubai.com/detectors/ground-navigator/