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Four Different Transmission Categories Parts Used

In this modern age of transportation, the locomotive engines are now coming with various modern equipment and parts. The parts used in different transmission engine are categorized into four different types. The engine parts & components used are doing different functions in the transmission engine.

Hydraulic Parts of Engine:

The parts which are used in the transmission engine for the purpose of the hydraulic function are very important. Torque converter, gear train & hydraulic pumps are three major components made by the transmission parts manufacturer for using as hydraulic parts of the engine. The key ingredient for the smooth running of these parts is the hydraulic fluid pumping with the oil pump.

The torque converter is a mechanism which slows down the speed of the vehicle without decrease the rotating and running speed of the engine. The gear chain is another major component of the transmission engine which affects the gear changing function.  The hydraulic parts of engine work under pumping of oil in high pressure.

CVT: Continuously Variable Transmissions:

The CVT system of transmission engine is used to alter the gear shifting ratio very smoothly. The parts including a pair of clutch, E-CVT, pulleys, cones, wheels, displacement pump, hydraulic motor etc are used in transmission engine made & supplied by transmission parts manufacturer. These components of the engine have the ability to generate power without gear and help in fuel efficiency of the engine.

DCT: Dual Clutch Transmission:

The dual clutch transmission is not completely automatic transmission engine. The transmission parts manufacturer made electro-hydraulic as well as an automatic transmission in DCT engine. So the engine is like a semi-automatic. The specialty of this engine has two clutch places for odd & even gear separately.


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